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Mother Nature Breaks Win Total in Southern Super Series

Every now and then you get a driver who comes along at just the right time and they basically seem unbeatable. That is the case this season with the ASA Southern Super Series Presented by Sunoco. The 2023 season has been dominated by one driver. Mother Nature has wreaked havoc on the rest of the field all season long.

“Did you think you’d ever see anyone win seven times in a year with our competition?” asked Tim Bryant, General Manager of the Southern Super Series. “We try to go out and have a nice clean race and then Mother Nature shows up and ruins it every time. Truthfully, everyone is a fan. We all have the apps on our phones and our computers. We want to know what she’s going to do next and then we act surprised. We love some of the weather, but it’s very clear Mother Nature is not a race fan.”

Nature was a slow starter, but picked up things quickly by taking the pole and winning at Crisp Motorsport Park in April. From there it was back-to-back wash outs at Montgomery giving her three on the season. She actually took a fourth-straight at North Wilkesboro, but she was a no show the next day thus taking her out of the points.

Several teams felt relieved that she was not going to factor in the points championship after dominating the rest of the field for four-straight events. Just as the teams felt confident in her not controlling the headlines then came the North Carolina double where she claimed both Southern National and Carteret County.

To the surprise of many she was a no show at Nashville. There were speculations and rumors she could be in the area, but the race went on without her.

The same was for night one in the Pepper Jack Kennels 100s at Five Flags Speedway. The conditions were right for her to come out and put on a show, but the dreaded terror of the series didn’t show and the race went on.

She must have heard about the races on social media because she rolled in on an open trailer on Saturday after practice and scooped up the pole award and won for the seventh time this season. With the win she breaks Bubba Pollard’s record for most wins in a season.

“I never really imagined someone would break our six win record,” said Pollard under an umbrella at Five Flags. “She’s fast and there is no stopping her once she gets to the track. I’ve been trying to get some drivers together to protest her, but the series keeps telling me you can’t protest rain. Truthfully we are just sick of her.”

Despite all her wins, the series has ruled she will not be eligible for the Snowball Derby in any way, shape or form.

It’s been a tough season for the Southern Super Series with seven rainouts. If you are traveling to any events later this season please don’t stop and give her (mother nature) a ride to the track.

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