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New Dad and New Points Leader Eager for Five Flags

After the ASA STARS National event at Five Flags Speedway (FL), Matt Craig wanted a do over. The Kannapolis, North Carolina driver led over 80 laps in the event and was a serious contender to win the race. However, pit strategy foiled the JCR3 Racing team and they left Pensacola with a 10th-place finish.

Now Craig heads back to Five Flags with a chance to put right what went wrong. It will again be 200 laps, but this time it’s spread over two nights with the twin 100 events presented by PepperJack Kennels.

“A win would be a good checkmark for us,” said Craig. “It doesn’t matter what race it is down there in Pensacola, it's tough to win at that track. The races always draw a lot of cars, and people are getting ready for the Derby. To win there means something.”

Craig is looking forward to the straight up 100-lap format as it gives a chance to sprint for a win.

“We are going down there to win, that’s the goal,” added Craig. “At the ASA race back in March we had a great car. We were fast and could pull away and maintain a good lead. The pit stops messed us up on strategy. We won’t have to worry about that this time around.”

Craig, like many drivers, is a fan of the two-race format.

“I think it’s a good idea,” said Craig. “It makes sense to run twice because we travel all that way. You save on fuel and time by running twice. It’s good for the fans to see us twice in action. Every time you race at the end of the night you are like 'if i could just do it again.' This is as close as we can get to that opportunity.”

The most recent race in Nashville saw two things on the Craig front. Before the race he was overwhelmed with support from the racing community after the birth of his daughter McKenna. Craig and his wife, Adrianna, welcomed the new race fan on June 25th. After the race, Craig became the point leader after a fourth-place finish.

“It was really hot and you couldn’t get any notes to help the car in practice,” said Craig. “There were other things (family stuff) going on and we just popped in there and ran the one day show. I was really pleased with all the support of other drivers and team members that stopped to say congrats. Hopefully we can get a win in Pensacola..”

Racing gets underway with the PepperJack Kennels Twin 100s weekend on Friday, July 21st at 8pm. The Kioti Tractor 100 will be the main event of the night along with the Five Flags Speedway Outlaws and Pure Stocks.

Action continues on Saturday, July 22nd at 8pm as the second leg of the double dip finishes off the weekend. The American Welding Society 100 will be the final race of the weekend for the ASA Southern Super Series. The Modifieds of Mayhem and Crown Stocks will also have feature races on Saturday.

Schedule and entry forms for the doubleheader weekend can be found at

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