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Penske Racing Shocks Partners With ASA Branded Tours

Penske Racing Shocks has joined the ASA Branded Tour family of participating manufacturer sponsors, agreeing to support the ASA STARS National Tour plus the three ASA Branded regional series: The ASA CRA Super Series; The ASA Midwest Tour and the ASA Southern Super Series. In addition, Penske Racing Shocks will support the JEGS/CRA All Stars Tour presented by Chevrolet Performance Pro Late Models. 

Penske Racing Shocks is the industry leader in providing high-quality racing shocks for Automotive Vehicles, Motorcycles, and Off Road Vehicles. Every single shock is billet machined and hand-built. There are no assembly lines, no stamped-out pieces, no off-shore manufacturing. The personalized attention provided to every product sold provides the finest reliability, consistency, and performance. Additionally, by working with top teams in professional motorsport, PRS continuously learns and develops new technologies that ultimately trickle down their entire product line. PRS constantly investigates ways to improve their products and service to their customers..

ASA Branded Tours

ASA Branded Tours encompasses four (4) pavement super late model racing series operating under the Track Enterprises banner, and under the ASA Brand via a licensing agreement for logo and IP Rights. ASA Branded Tours include the ASA STARS National Tour; the ASA CRA Super Series; The ASA Midwest Tour and the ASA Southern Super Series. 

Track Enterprises acquired CRA and the former ARCA Midwest Tour in 2022, and has formed a strategic alliance with the Southern Super Series. These three regional pavement super late model series form the groundwork of the ASA STARS National Tour, launched by Track Enterprises in 2023. 

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