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Casey Roderick isn’t going anywhere. With a fresh car and a veteran crew, the defending Southern Super Series champion will be back at it this Saturday night at Montgomery Speedway for the “Rumble by the River 125.”

Roderick is coming off an impressive run with a brand-new race car at Five Flags Speedway just two weeks ago. Although he didn’t come away with a victory during the Rowdy Twin 100s, he proved that he will be a contender with his new race team in 2020.

“The car definitely has a lot of speed in it,” Roderick told Speed51. “Last time out I think we did really well and I’m proud of that effort. It took a lot to get to that point. A lot of long hours. I stayed up for a few days. It was a tough one to make, but we made it there and we made the best of it. Unfortunately, we had that issue with the rear end that put us out of the race, but everyone knew we were there and that’s what I’m proud of, and I hope to carry that momentum into Montgomery this weekend and see if we can pull off a W there.”

With so much change, much remains the same. After collecting more than 12 overall victories at Montgomery over the last four years, Roderick is a favorite every time he enters the speedway gates. But what makes him so good there?

“I think it just fits my driving style,” Roderick boasted. “I don’t know. It’s just a place I’m really comfortable with. I’ve always liked it since the first time I’ve run it. It took me a little while to learn how to get around it really good. I really kind of have my own way of running around the place. Whether it’s right or wrong, it’s kind of what I like to do.”

“I love going over there,” Roderick continued. “Stan Narrison does a great job of running the place. I hope we can help him get some more fans in there and have a good crowd going. He goes back to when I was running legend cars at Lanier. It’s good to have him support a local short track and have Montgomery continue on.”

With so much emotion towards the new team and the speedway he loves, it leaves one to wonder what a win this Saturday night would mean for him.

“I don’t know, I can’t really answer that question right now. I can answer it after the race if I were to win, but it’s going to be a whole different feel for sure. I’ve won a lot of races with a lot of different people, but being my own team and my own car I’m sure it’d be a big relief because I have a lot of pressure on me to do good, you know? I don’t want to go out there and run mid-pack and look like an idiot, you know? I want to be competitive every time I hit the racetrack and be a force to reckon with.”

Speed51 monthly and yearly subscribers can watch the Southern Super Series “Rumble by the River 125” at Montgomery Motor Speedway Saturday night on Summer Thunder TV fueled by Kroger.

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