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‍Original story from Speed51, posted with permission from Speed51

What started as an idea to cope with the COVID-19 shortened racing season of 2020 is now back by popular demand from both race teams and race fans alike in 2021. Last June, two of the Southern Super Series/Blizzard Series Super Late Model races were held at Five Flags Speedway on back-to-back nights, each chock-full of money for the winners.

The doubleheader will return on July 23 & 24 at Five Flags in Pensacola Florida, with each race serving as Rounds two and three of the Deep South Cranes Blizzard Series respectively. And yes, there’s a lot of money at stake once again. Thursday on the Speed51 Bullring, Five Flags Speedway General Manager Tim Bryant announced another major bonus should a driver win both 100-lap races on that weekend.

It’s going to be the Michles & Booth Twin 100s, July 23 and 24, two races back-to-back,” said Bryant. “Friday night in Pensacola, Saturday night in Pensacola. We’re offering a $20,000 bonus to a driver that can come in and sweep the weekend, if they win Friday and Saturday night, it’s a $20,000 bonus. That’s a pretty good payday for someone that comes in and wins the weekend.

As for the actual winner’s prize of the two races themselves, teams can potentially expect those to be on the high side too.

“We’re still working on the prize money for those races trying to up it as well. As a baseline, 30 grand could be won in two nights as of right now. So we’re looking to add to that right now. We haven’t even put the word out officially until now, we just got calls on just the doubleheader, we’re announcing it here. But we’ve had calls from the West Coast and guys from about as far North as you can get, just to run two nights.”

Five Flags Speedway is also planning on some extra entertainment that are coming to Pensacola for the July 23-24 weekend, including for onsite camping, which will be available.

Those across the globe will be able to see both races, as well as more of the Five Flags Speedway 2021 schedule, including the 54th Snowball Derby in December, live on Speed51.TV.

-Text by Speed51 Staff

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