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Southern Super Series Rookie Watson Eager for 2024

 (New Smyrna, FL) - In just a matter of days, the ASA Southern Super Series will run its second race of 2024 and the first combination race with the ASA STARS National Tour at New Smyrna Speedway. The Clyde Hart Memorial 200 will be a  special Tuesday night event on February 13th. One driver who is eager for the race is Panama City, Florida driver Timothy Watson who left SpeedFest with a top 10 finish to start his run for Rookie of the Year honors. 

“We had a good run at SpeedFest, but we don’t feel that we showcased what we can do,” admitted Watson. “We didn’t make the adjustments we should have during the pit stop to stay on top of the car. We know we can build off this and get better.”

The upstart driver has gotten his feet wet in the Super Late Model ranks after a handful of starts in 2023. Now a full season run is planned as the two-time defending Outlaw Track Champion at Five Flags Speedway advanced up the racing ladder. Perhaps the best success from last year was him making the Snowball Derby from the last chance race.  

“We had speed in practice, but just making the show was more than most people would have expected of us,” said Watson. “We had a shock mess up in qualifying and we had to come from the last chance race to make the show. I guess when it’s all said and done being 15th at the Derby is uplifting. It makes our confidence stronger after these last two races.”  

While his success at New Smyrna is limited, he still feels his MTS Surveying and Mapping, Beach Nursery, and Freedom Manufacturing Fury number 28 will be a strong mount.  

“We went to New Smyrna last year for this race, but we have learned so much since then that I feel like the results will be different,” added Watson. “We want to run in the top 10 and complete all 200 laps. 

The efforts by the Timothy Watson Racing team include his dad, Michael Watson, Doug Stevens, Randy Henderson, Gary Staller, and Jock Lisenby. A small, but worthy band of helping hands looking to defy the odds. 

“When we traveled to the track from the hotel at SpeedFest we all went in one car so team meetings were easy,” joked Watson. “We are going to approach the pit stops differently this race to be more proficient. We have worked out the kinks and just need to take care of the car each race. The goal is to be at all of them, but we gotta be smart and keep the car in one piece.” 

In addition to the Super Late Model races, Watson will still roll out his Outlaw at some events this season at Five Flags. When the Southern Super Series rolls back to Pensacola on March 24th, they are going to have to contend with Watson who might have a home track advantage. 

The next race for the ASA Southern Super Series will be on Tuesday, February 13th at New Smyrna Speedway (FL). The race will be a combination event with the ASA STARS National

(Racing America Photo)

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