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Extra Money on the Line for All During Gulf Coast Doubleheader

The promoters and staff with the ASA Southern Super Series, Five Flags Speedway (FL) and Mobile International Speedway (AL) have gathered to bring in some extra incentive awards during the upcoming doubleheader weekend.  

The aforementioned double victory bonus of $5,000, put up by Family Funeral and Cremation, will go to a driver who can win both races, but the money doesn't stop there. 

If a driver does not win the bonus then the driver who wins the best average finish over the two nights will be awarded $1,500 dollars thanks to Mon Louie Island Marine Construction. If a driver wins both races then the $1,500 would go to the next driver with the best average finish. 

Davis Industrial will sponsor the Hard Charger awards of $200. They will be handed out to the drivers who improve the most positions each night. 

Before the green is thrown each night, awards will be handed out for the Engine Builders Pole Award presented by Robbie White Racing Engines, Progressive Race Engines, McGunegill Engine Performance, and PME Race Engines, and Upchurch Performance. The driver who sets fast time will gain $500 for the honor.  

If no driver wins both races then the winner of Mobile could likely be in line to win $12,000 if they win the race and set fast time.  

For more information on this weekend check out the Southern Super Series website at 

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